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Since I write normally on a regular schedule with specific goals to reach, I decided to also write on a daily basis about…well…nothingness. Punctuality, grammar, proper sentence structure, the relentless use of ellipses, exclamation points, and smiley faces…well, there are no rules here for my blog.

I just saw the movie “Julie and Julia”, and even though I’ve been thinking of writing a blog on anything and everything, the film prompted me to actually start the blog.

So, even if no one comes across this or everyone in the world does, this blog is mainly for me, an outlet to my regular writing, something to just freely let the words flow.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have a picture of Emma Watson, just know that I absolutely adore her. She’s lovely, just simply lovely, an inspiration for me for many things, especially in fashion. She’s a beautiful bloom whose parents never focused on her looks. Instead, she’s smart, witty, funny, AND beautiful. She inspires me to do my best for our future generations.

And so it begins…