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Ok, so here’s my new thing for now. Unlike most people, I can’t work with music playing, of any kind, in the background. I must have a film, TV show, basically someone talking in the background to keep me company while I whittle away at my job. It’s just a job to help fund my passion for creative writing.

Growing up, I loved music. It filled me with such emotion, passion, and inspiration. For more than a decade, I broadcasted music on the air. I was a disc jockey, a DJ, an on-air personality. For long after, up until this past month, I have not been that passionate about music unless an artist or song overflows my emotional cup. The small smattering that has happened with: Justin Timberlake, Pink, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, and a too-long-to-list-here of singles.

I’ve discovered that I want to reignite my passion for music by focusing a blog post every now and then on one song, listening to it at least three times. That’s small enough to start. If you’d like me to write about a song, you must specifically tell me the following: the song, the artist, and why you love the song. Again, you must be specific about it, or I will not consider writing about it.

On my Twitter feed today, @sofarsounds mentioned someone named Marcus Foster. After clicking on the link to his site, I then clicked the first video I saw there. Why not? Why not explore new territory and someone I’ve never heard of before. Now, when I say I haven’t been listening to music that much or keeping up with it at all, I mean it. So, to Marcus Foster and his fans, my advance apologies if you are a famous artist, but I do not know you nor have I heard your music until about 10 minutes ago.

I listened to Old Birch Tree (before the Winter Fires) and really quite liked it.

First listen-through, I thought, “Well, it’s ok.” That truly was my thought.

Second listen-through, I thought, “His voice reminds me very slightly of Joe Cocker’s.” If you don’t know who Joe Cocker is, look him up. Warning: he uses his entire body when singing, so close your eyes if that is distracting for you.

Third listen-through, I really like this song. Marcus has a unique sound to his voice, raw and emotional, and that’s a quality I’ve always loved. The song itself, the refrain, is actually a good hook. I had it down by the third “turn on the table.” (going back to the days of vinyl) Although I can’t quite make out all of the words, so I’m unsure what the song is truly about, art is all about interpretation. The song has a quality of longing, of time in the past, about it. I like that. It’s also a little sad sounding, which I also like. Who doesn’t love a song like that?

Overall, the song is a good one, and I recommend to take a listen and see what you think. See him in person if you’re in the States on April 10 when he returns to Dallas, Texas, with Sofar Sounds.

View the video here.