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Dog on bench at dog parkIn the States, there are dog parks is so many places, multiple ones even in smaller, suburban areas. They’re safe places for dogs to run and play with other dogs, but like the world of parenting human children, humans treat their fur babies in much the same way. They either do or don’t get involved with their fur baby’s play time.

Sadly, there are dogs that don’t get along, but it’s the parents of those dogs that either don’t care, think “there’s nothing wrong with MY dog”, read a book and let other fur baby parents deal with their dog, or are on their cell phone the entire time.

These are the people I pray do not have human children for if they can’t treat their fur babies with the care and attention they deserve, why should they have human ones as well?

Please, treat your fur babies with love, care, attention and respect. They deserve it as much as humans babies and children. They are all innocent until we don’t treat them that way.