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Wow. There is such raw truth to the lyrics in this song, and the music just supports the pain, anger, and agony of those lyrics. It’s so moving, and because of my own personal experiences, I’m not sure I can listen to it again right now. It’s not because I don’t like it that much, because I really love it. It’s because I relate all too well to it.

It’s got grit, grounded to the musicians’ souls, and passion in the lyrics and music that makes me wonder who in the band or someone they are close friends with or even one of their close family members who have experienced someone “on the edge” of committing suicide.

It’s an amazing yet sad song, which is why I can only listen to it once in this session. Please take a ilsten. It’s so important not to get into that spiraling black hole if you’re already prone to depression or can get that way fast by listening to this song. If that’s you, then either don’t listen, listen once through, or listen when you know your mood is lighter.

It’s definitely worth the spin.