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An 8-year-old waved at my husband today as we arrived at a store, before we got out of the car. He was tickled by it, so be waved back. As we got out of the car, she and her younger sister were being herded toward the store by their mother in front of our car. The 8-yr-old said, “Hi” to my husband, so he replied, “Hi.” As I stepped out of our car, the girl came over to me and immediately hugged me, as if she’d known me all her life. Her name was Daisy. I was so touched even though her mom lightly chastised her for her daughter’s open affections. I hugged her back and said, “Thank you.”

Inside the door, we grabbed a shopping cart and the family caught up with us. The mother said, “She wanted to know if you were a teenager, and I told her no, I don’t think so, but she’s probably in her 20s.

I laughed and told her my real age. She was floored. I then told her both her daughters are beautiful, wished them a good rest of their day, and proceeded into the store.

A child’s love is so pure and innocent. They don’t know why they love, they just do. And when it happens, it’s usually spectacular, especially if you’re keen on focus when children are near. I learn so much from them on the rare occasions I interact with them.

But Daisy’s wave and hi to my husband and hug for me is so precious, it’s such a sweet memory I will hold in my heart forever. It’s a reminder of good in the world.