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I’m about three years behind on watching TV series, some that long ago ended their last season. I’ve always been intrigued by The Tudor and that time period. So, I decided to watch the “The Tudors” series, originally on Showtime, but now on Netflix. I’m not sure I can keep watching even though I’m already in Season 4, the last of the series. The violence they are showing is so barbaric. It’s sticking with me, and I can’t get the images out of my head. People revelled in it, too, and it’s absolutely horrific. Although I am for the death penalty, and I do believe that, for example, lethal injection is far too easy a death for those who commit heinous acts of violence, I would never, ever want to personally witness any type of execution. I think what’s even more disturbing is that, like a car wreck that most people crane their necks to see as they drive by, it’s difficult to turn away. Yet it is almost vomit-inducing imagery. It would have been better to have written a show that lets our minds create whatever imagery we want versus displaying it so blatently on the screen. I understand violence happens every second, all around the world. My mind is a “terrible thing”. My imagination is a gift and a curse. I would prefer, though, to let the imagery be in my own head rather than see it so graphically displayed on a television show, especially knowing that the executions from the Tudor period actually happened. I would like to research where executions originated in an effort to understand why they carried out executions like this and why people cheered while gluing their eyes to the event, but it’s so sickening, I’m not sure I could stomach it.