muffin-topI love muffins, I love the tops of muffins, but I do not love muffin tops that refer to excess fat overhanging the waist band of pants, shorts, skirts, etc. Why must the best part of any food type of muffin be an American slang phrase for someone’s fat middle that spills over their ill-fitting demins? It’s an insult to food muffins and their tops. 

And fat does not mean the offender is actually fat all over but that they are squeezing the waist band of their too-tight jeans at a place on their bodies where the excess gets pushed above or below the waist band, mostly above. Thus, the muffin top.

I don’t understand. Shouldn’t these muffin top people have a look in the mirror before stepping out into public? It is not attractive.

I feel the need to police this for some reason. I believe I would be a good muffin top cop, halting the unsightly muffin tops in their tracks, handing them tickets for their offensive appearance.

I’m daydreaming now, thinking of other types of tickets I can hand out in defense of good taste and fashion…