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Continued from Estate sales (part 1)

At least upon first perusal, I thought the resident had been an artist. I found vellum tracings of clowns…so many clowns. Good thing I’m not frightened or otherwise disturbed by clowns. I wondered, “Was the person a clown at children’s parties? At the circus? Only at costume parties?”

Pulling out one of the “paintings”, of flowers, I thought maybe he was just into art. After all, my discoveries were now varied: clowns and flowers. Ok, maybe not that varied, but it was better than just clowns.

Sometimes, artists write something descriptive on the backs of their artwork. After flipping it over, I felt deceived. It was the month of February from an unknown year in the past. I flipped it back to the “art” side, and after shuffling through more of the contents of the folder, I realized he was not just into clowns but calendars, too. He’d saved every month from calendars from possibly 10 or more years.

In one of the folders, I found an old painter’s palette. I knew it! He really was an artist.