There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. ~Ben Williams

Although I have no clue who Ben Williams is, I saw this quote and immediately liked him. I love all creatures, not just dogs, but dogs are truly happy beings. They love unconditionally. There are statistics “out there” (rumoured, of course, so please don’t make me Google that just to back up my statement) that people who have dogs have longer life spans. I believe this is true. When the world seems it has shat all over me, I return home to find my dog ready with a smile and a big face-licking. He’s wagging his tail, happy to see me (yes, he’s happy to get out and about, too, but I don’t focus on that part). He gives me most of the good things that I don’t get from the world, and he does it with a happy grin (because let’s face it, there are different kinds of grins, evil grin, for example), excitement, and endless exuberance.

Looking back, I would’ve visited pet stores, petting zoos, and dog parks (if we’d had those) far more often before I had a dog because all animals put a smile on my face.

And thankfully, my three cats are more like dogs than cats, greeting me in much the same way only with a bit less slobber.