I’m sharing this fantastic entry from David Gaughran’s blog. It’s a splendid idea to share what books we’ve recently read that sparked passion and excitement in us.

David Gaughran

becauseweareLike many readers, I get my book recommendations from multiple sources: friends, peers, genre bestseller lists, Amazon algorithms, and deal sites.

The latter two are sources new to me since I switched to a Kindle in Christmas 2011. Prior to that, two big sources of recommendations would have been the front tables in bookstores, and review pages of newspapers. Neither really fulfill that function anymore.

I don’t know if it’s because of the source of the recommendations, or because of the ability to sample anything before purchasing, but I find I’m buying a lot less duds.

I’m reading a lot more self-published work these days, as well as titles from small publishers. I can’t say whether the average book from either is better than what comes from large publishers, but I can definitely say that I’m reading a more diverse range of voices and subject matter, and I find this…

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