I’ve decided to post a music review (opinion) every Monday and even though this inaugural one is rather late, that’s ok with me. After all, I’m in charge here.

Since everyone tends to look at the top 40 charted songs, I thought, “What happens to the song that just made it in the top 100? Who is that?”

And so my love affair of Kodaline has begun. First, I shouldn’t have watched the video. I usually want to listen only to the song, to be influenced only by the music and lyrics. But quite honestly, it a matter of four minutes and ten seconds, the video itself is quite powerful. The song, however, is beyond exquisite. It’s magical, mystifying, and miraculous.

This song has some of the best, most melodic, and beautiful piano playing I’ve heard in a long time. Again, I’m not a music critic, just a listener. It’s probably the one song I’ve loved the most out of the ones I’ve posted opinions about here.

When a song becomes an anthem for even one person, it’s historical.

So now I don’t have to wonder about who just made it into the top 100. Sometimes, number 100 is not the “bottom of the barrel”, but the true treasure at the end of the rainbow.