The first part of my day has been somewhat productive. I’ve organised a bit of closet, cooked up an omelet and waffles, and have played with the dog a few times outside.

As happy as all of that makes me, I’m feeling a bit preoccupied in my mind with moods ranging from depression, fatigue, quickly fading motivation (not good for a writer), and a desire to get everything done at once. By everything, I mean my current writing, laundry, grocery store shopping, major room renovation, solution to homelessness, poverty, and hunger, and of course, world peace.

I take medicine for these random, fast thoughts, no worries. Still, I wonder about the human brain, often my own, and how it races through so many thoughts and ideas. Facts state that humans have about 70,000 thoughts per day. Apparently, my brain wasn’t included in that study because it’s far more than that for me. But as quickly as they fly in, they’re fleeting.

I can’t hold a pen long enough to write it all out, and I’m not sure I should considering the range of thoughts I have. As my dad says about his mind, “If you think it’s scary from your point of view, you should see it from my side.” He also says, “My mind is like a terrible neighborhood. You don’t go in there alone.”

Both statements are true of my brain.

I ponder how we have such a highly intelligent and functioning brain, though. For example, why do people push the “Up” button for an elevator when it has already been pushed as indicated by the lighting for the button?

I’m off to put my brain on ice (a pillow) to indulge my inner teenager (parents constantly complain their teens sleep away the day).