I have a headache and can’t sleep. So, I’m closing my eyes as I type this and hope and pray it comes out with no possibility of having anything misspelled. Wouldn’t it be interesting and kind of funny if I misspelled the word misspelled?

I wondered how much I could type with my eyes closed so that my head may not hurt as much as it has in the last couple of hours.

When my head hurts, nothing else matters except getting rid of the pain. It’s not a migraine; thankfully, I don’t suffer from those. But I do suffer from allergy headaches. When I was six or sevel years old, I suffered greatly from these headaches to the point hwere my mum had to pick me up from school who phoned her stating I was ill. She could hear me screaming in the background, the pain was so bad. She had to do htat several times a year.

The headaches went away as I got older. Perhaps I was adjusting to the area and the weather. Now, I suffer from them occasionally. Ice packs help. Ice packs and closing my eyes.

Sometimes, though, the pressure is so great, I just think, “Hey, a hammer might do the trick.” Thank God for baths, nice, soothing, bubble baths, relaxing hot water enveloping me. It’s one of my favorite things, to submerge myself in water, to muffle all the noise around me, focus my energy on my breathing, and unfortunately, all the ruminations in my head.

It’s also where some of my imagination comes through, especially when I’m sort of at a stopping place creatively.

So, as I sit here in the bed, with my eyes still closed, I imagine the water and realize, I don’t have to imagine it, I can draw a bath and climb in.

(I’ve opened my eyes to see the errors, and the perfectionist in me wants badly to clean them up before posting. Somehow, I shall persevere through the imperfections of my post.)