It took me a while to pick out a song for today’s recurring music post. It’s no. 5 on the Independent Singles Top 40 – 29th June 2013 from the Office Charts Company. It’s by London Grammar, and it’s called “Wasting My Young Years”.

I quite like this song. It’s surreal and reminds me of how much I love being under water, how much I’m in the moment just by dunking my head down under the world’s only liquid ear muffs.

“Wasting My Young Years” leaves me feeling as if a burdensome weight has been lifted from me, that I am free to float, glide, swim, and fly if I so choose. How I feel doesn’t always match up with the lyrics, or might not match the music. In this case, it’s the music that really draws me in, the vocals (not necessarily the lyrics), and the way they both make me feel: relaxed, peaceful, kind.

It’s a great stress-relieving song if that’s the type you’re looking for, almost the music as meditation by itself. Add in the vocals, and they’re haunting and ethereal.

If you close your eyes while listening to this song, you’ll feel as I did: free to let my mind wander while I relax my body.

This is a fantastic song if you’re feeling stressed and need something that’s going to hopefully give you some release.

The woman’s vocals (I assume she’s the lead singer, but I am unsure) are hauntingly beautiful. She has an amazing voice, pulls it, pushes it, brings it down softly when she needs to create an otherworldly voice.

I will be checking out other London Grammar songs in the future because of this chance encounter of blogging about “Wasting My Young Years” today.

Take a listen: