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Tonight, I watched a design show: a well-known, interior designer redesigns a portion(s) of a clients’ home. The clients are “everyday” people. I watch the opening scene of the show in which the designer is discussing his new clients with his assistant. She updates him on their names, their careers, lifestyles, children, type of home, what they’re looking for, etc. She mentions the names of the husband and wife, and mentions their careers. I specifically remember her stating that the husband is a “luxury furniture manufacturer.”

In the scene where the interior designer and his assistant meet the clients, I immediately get a sense that I’ve seen the husband before, as an actor, in television movies or shows.

After a bit of digging, I find him. He’s an actor. He’s not a luxury furniture manufacturer! This is why i usually don’t even enjoy watching shows anymore that don’t take me to a different place, time, space, or life of someone I never have known, will never know, and will definitely never see on some show posing as an “everyday” person.

I don’t watch reality television, and if I do, it’s usually something that seems (seems) “productive”, like a design show or a “how to” show. I don’t understand the purpose of reality television as I want entertainment to take me away, help me escape for a while, let me dream, imagine, allow my mind to be enlightened or challenged.

Reality shows are “reality” shows: PURE SHITE.