I heard a clip of this song in something…an advert, a music clip, somewhere. I’m not a Rihanna fan. Although I do like a few of her tunes, overall, I’m not a fan. She has a great voice. I’m still not a fan. With music, there are some performers and/or musicians (they are not the same to me, but some people lump the two together as one) that I just don’t like. I can’t explain it. It’s like trying to explain the color green to someone who has been blind his entire life: not impossible, but nearly.

I try to pick a song each week (well, mostly each week, as I’ve missed a few since I started doing Magical Music Mondays…and now there have been two that I posted on a day other than a Monday, but I digress) from the bottom of the current Official UK Singles Top 100. Rihanna’s “Diamonds” stood at number 97 this week, so I decided to take a listen.

I like songs that have deep or hidden meaning, ones that are in-your-face clear or so vague they are left up to the listener’s interpretation as it applies to their own world. While I like the music of this song, I’m not crazy about the lyrics. The hook of this song (most of the time, the refrain), while good and definitely “singable” (Is that even a word? If not, it is now.), is just ok for me. There’s not much more to the lyrics in my opinion.

I’m going to start to rating my reviews based on the following system. This is only according to my musical tastes, of course, and is by no means based on anything “official.”

BUY — it’s just that good, don’t even second guess, and throw down your money

TRY — listen first then decide if you want to throw down your money

CRY — don’t buy, don’t try, just get out the tissues because it’s that bad

For this song, I say TRY.