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I’ve a bit of a leg injury. I’ve got a fashionable, just lovely (note the sarcasm) brace wrapped around my left leg, and I hobble along on two aluminum sticks of death, known by some as crutches.

I have to say the appreciation I now have for my two functioning legs (when both are functioning normally) has grown leaps and bounds. Funny how a situation like that makes me reflect on having been born healthy with the correct number of legs, for example.

And while in my incapacitated state for over a week now, I have learned how fast hydrocodone takes effect, just while I’m laying in bed. I have also learned how drunken-like and completely stupid I can be while using my crutches while on the pan med of hydrocodone. Sometimes, I slur my words or get them garbled up or mix them up so that all the words are there, but the words have been jumbled around into a kind of sentence puzzle.

Even now as I write this, I’ll be amazed if there are notypos when I re-read this tomorrow. (I usually don’t *just perked my eyes openafter having closed them unknowingly* post anything until after I’ve give it a once over. *again, just flipped my eyes open after nodding off a bit*

I willl end this now because God knows what type of hydrocodone-influenced HRH language will by typed onto the screen. Oh bloody hell, I just jerked my eyes open in a flash after jumping straight up in the bed. That was of course because I was nodding off and trying not to, very unsuccessfully apparently.

I’m still grateful for my legs, though. And grateful that I didn’t fall off the bed just now and injure some other useful body part.

My eyes can focus no more.