I love language. I wonder how it is that I know how to spell certain words that I rarely, if ever, use, especially proper names and nouns. Guggenheim. I heard that this morning, and second-guessing my spelling of the word, I looked it up, discovering I was correct. WINNER.

It’s amazing to me how I know these things without ever having used the word on a regular basis or even been to the place (in this case). I have a knack for pronouncing foreign words: foreign to me and foreign as in from other languages and dialects.

I know there are entire areas of expertise and study of how languages begin, how we learn them, how we form the sounds, and how we communicate. It’s amazing to me, and I’ve always been intrigued by it and its evolution. There are words that used to be nouns that are also now verbs. There are some proper nouns that are now just nouns. There are new words, slang, and “improper” words that, at one point, used to have completely different meanings which now have negative connotations.

Then there are those words that have been around for so long (I’m thinking of the improper ones, in any language) that still get my blood going, for good and bad reasons. They shoot out of my mouth rapid-fire style in situations where no other word will do.

I love language.