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Wow. I haven’t heard this kind of dance music in years. I know, I know. What about Lady Gaga, you ask? What about Madonna? Britney Spears? They don’t write or perform pure dance music which I define as music made purely for dancing. It may have other reasons for existing, too, but mainly, it’s just the feel of the music. The lyrics, in most cases, are secondary. Dance music is not something heard, it is something felt.

And Chris Malinchak’s “So Good to Me” is exactly that. Yes, there are lyrics, but it’s the music that truly shines. It’s layered from the beginning, and it builds, adding more and more depth as it keeps going. And I’m not sure I’ve ever thought this about a dance song, but it has an ethereal quality. It’s truly otherworldly in its sounds and beats. It makes me feel invincible, inspired, smooth, lightweight, carefree, unconquerable, and unstoppable. I imagine myself dancing to it, fluid on the floor, moving seamlessly to its beats and rhythms as if I was born to dance to this one song. It’s a hopeful song, too. It brings out hope in me, motivation, and spirit. I imagine moving on the dancefloor, my eyes closed, with someone else or by myself, and just moving to the sounds that I feel in my heart, in my body, in my soul. I feel free as I watch myself on the film I’m creating in my head, and I look free, happy, content in spirit. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you’re having such a great day that you never want it to end. That’s the kind of feeling I have when listening to this song. I have a desire to move no matter if my body wants me to go to sleep at this moment or not. I can’t even type this blog post without moving my feet or my torso or my neck while listening to the song.

Take a listen for yourself.

After listening to this song for half a dozen times in a row, I decided to look up Chris Malinchak. Who is he or she for that matter? Well, Bill Lamb, an About.com Guide, wrote an article in May called “Introducing Chris Malinchak”. Whoever he is, I will be a faithful fan from now on after hearing only one of his songs.

Make sure you don’t wear your ears out listening to this one. Believe me, you can’t listen just once.