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I wanted to see what all the uproar was about, this new Miley song, and all her twerkiness. I don’t care about the twerking. I think she looked a bit ridiculous, like a girl trying to act older than she really is so she can grab the attention of the guy upon which she’s set her sights. It was a cringe-inducing performance the likes I haven’t seen since the Ashley Simpson lip synching debacle on “Saturday Night Live”.

So, as I’m writing this, I’m listening the second time through “Wrecking Ball”, and I have to admit, it’s actually a pretty good song. I like it. I abhor the video, and it’s a shame that Miley’s MTV VMA performance was so embarrassing that it has taken away the beautiful sadness of the song. Or has it? It’s #1 this week on the Official Charts for the UK.

I’ve decided not to post the music video because it’s semi-pornagraphic, and quite frankly, I hate it. The song I like.

While I was at it, I tuned my ears to her “We Can’t Stop”, and I liked that song, too.

I guess while it’s best not to judge a book by its cover, it’s Miley’s  overconfidence to make herself look confident that truly makes me want to vomit. Thankfully, I could play the both songs while in another browser and not have to watch the videos.