She dangled her big toe into the jacuzzi tub’s water, careful not to get the bottom of her robe wet. Wiggling her toe into the water briefly, she determined it wasn’t hot enough. She reached down to the hot-water faucet to twist it open more. She picked up a tall, slim, blue glass bottle and pulled its stopper, then tilted the bottle’s spout toward the water rushing from the faucet. As soon as the clear liquid hit the water, white, foamy bubbles grew and spread like a soap fire, if there ever was such a thing.

As the tub continued to foam over with bubbles and the water rushed into the tub to fill it, she decided to grab some other comforts for her spa experience. Walking into the kitchen, her gold, satin robe’s tie loosened, and she let it slip until it untied itself. Her robe then swished almost silently around her as she walked, the sides waving as she breezed through the long hallway from her master bedroom into the kitchen.

On the stone platform surrounding her jetted tub, she placed the tall ice water, already beading with sweat from the hot water vapors, and a plate with plump, purple grapes and bite-sized pieces of soft, herbed goat cheese.

Slowly lowering herself into the water, she physically felt her stress leave through her exhalation. She continued submerging her entire body, except for her nose which stuck out like a small peak on the surface of the water. Eventually, the liquid muted her hearing. She heard her heartbeat and her breathing, nothing more. The water swirled her hair around her, floating freely. She immediately felt renewed, cleansed.

She arose from under the water, wiped her face. Plucking a few grapes from the stem, she tossed them into her mouth, feeling the juices squirt and rush everywhere. She then popped a piece of cheese into her mouth. Funny how the sweet grapes and creamy, savory cheese complimented each other instead of conflicting as she would expect.

“Do you know what I mean? Andi? Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Andi refocused her vision, seeing her friend Liza as if for the first time. She cleared her throat and asked, “I’m sorry, what?”

Liza grimaced. “Where did you go this time?”

“Just a spa at home, and the lifestyle I imagine goes with it,” Andi responded.

Liza sighed as both of them held up their signs again asking for help at the busy intersection.