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Tonight I watched an episode of one of my favorite television shows called “Chuck”. This particular episode involves the three main characters taking truth serum, unwillingly of course.

It got me thinking, “What would life be like if we all told the truth all of the time?” Can you imagine seeing someone coming down the street dressed like a prostitute, for example, and asking them what they charge by the hour and for what services only to find out they are not actually a prostitute, merely dressed like one (in your opinion of course)?

There’s a person on a television show whose voice annoys the living crap out of me. Why not use some of her celebrity money to actually work on diction? “No you don’t have an accent. You’re nasally sound, though, is like hearing nails screech down a chalkboard. Please take some diction classes before I pull all of your pretty, long, blond hair out to stuff into your mouth as a gag!”

What about your significant other? “No that dress doesn’t make you look fat, but that weight you’ve gained makes you look fat.” Or, “Yes, those acid-wash jeans look great on you, if you’ve traveled back to 1985.” And how about “Yes, that mustache looks sexy, if you’re a porn star.”

What about with a job? “I truly don’t like what you’ve edited there. It’s total shit. It’s bollocks that you’re making far more money than you should, and by the way, you’re a complete twat!”

Most of the time, I don’t want to see the public. I’m not a fan of people. I hate to admit that because after all, you’re a “people”, correct? It’s not personal. It’s just that others prior to you have ruined it for most of the rest of mankind who meets me. I’m a true introvert who’s had to adapt my ways because of making appearances and such. Again, it’s nothing personal, but if I could just stay at home, curl up and read a great book, watch a great movie, or even get out and about with my husband or other family, things would be great. But in the “getting out and about”, I ALWAYS encounter…people.

So even though I would love to give most of the people I meet pure honesty, I value my life a little too much.