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At the dog park recently, a few dog owners (more like sub-human demons) tested my faith in humanity and kindness. When I see a dog, or any animal, being mistreated, the owner is lucky that all I do is call the police.

I won’t go into details of the couple of incidents. People prey on the innocents of the world, human or animal form, because they must have control over something that makes them feel better, even temporarily,  about their own inadequacies, demons, and character defects.

Be forewarned that if I see you (that’s a general “you”) performing ANY acts of cruelty, you should hope I’ve had a great day prior to the incident. Otherwise, I’ll call the police only after I’ve done the same unspeakable acts to you.

Those who abuse animals, children, elderly, or any disadvantaged person: there is a special place in hell reserved just for you.