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Thinking on my last post, and my claim that I don’t like people much, I realized that while I don’t like to interact all that much with others, I like to observe them far more.

When I see an estate sale sign, for example, I immediately wonder not about the things for purchase but about the person who may have passed away or moved on to live with their family or into some sort of assisted living environment. I wonder what their life was like, were they happy, and how did they pass away? What was their favourite colour? And do they know I’m sifting through their belongings?

I love to watch children, too, especially toddlers. I love to watch them laugh and cry, giggle and get frustrated. It’s all so new to them. The world is sweet, sweet candy to them, a wondrous joy to understand and comprehend, and that always rejuvenates my wonder of the world. I make up a story in my head about the type of person they’ll be when they get older.

If I see someone walking in the park or at a shopping establishment, I wonder why they are there, what they are thinking, and I usually make up yet another story in my mind about who I think they could be.

So while I’ve learned to adapt at being out in the world with others (since I’m not, thankfully, alone on the planet), and while I’m also still an introvert, I love to observe others. It inspires creative thought in me much like art, film, and music.