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I decided I need to rest my eyes from my writing…on my laptop…by continuing to stare at my laptop screen to write in my blog. I did NOT think this through.

Regardless, here I am. Perhaps I should do as I once did before and type with my eyes closed.

My eyeballs feel as though they are made out of pumice and my eyelids of sandpaper, and every time I blink, it hurts. This is what happens when I write too much on my laptop. I wonder if it’s a bad thing that I’ve gone through about two bottles of eye drops in as many days. Can a person overdose on eye drops? I always wondered why there is a maximum number of drops indicated on the bottle. That is so odd, actually.

I digress. That is why, thankfully, I can still resort to long-hand writing, using a pen and paper. That leads my brain down the path of the industries and jobs that make pens and paper. Think about that. How many people use pens and paper anymore? The Smartphone’s existence has begun to obliterate whole industries. That is sad to me. No one writes anymore. I think back to letters, actual letters I sent and mailed through the post.

That leads me to think of greeting cards. (This is a true “take-a-break-from-writing” A.D.D. post.) Perhaps they were the first products that led to the decline of writing letters. Someone else began writing formatted sentiments for people and occasions that we could write for ourselves.

I met a woman at the dog park today. She’s Chinese and her husband is Japanese. They have a beautiful dog named Hachi after the dog of the same name in the movie of the same name. (Great movie, by the way, but I could only see it once because I would become a blubbering idiot, like I did when I first saw it, if I watched it again.) She has four girls all 10 years and younger. In the course of discussing her daughters’ personalities, she mentioned that her 10-year-old loves to draw. She then said they do not have television or video games.

Perhaps her 10-year-old daughter will some day become a champion for art and the art of writing…letters? Wouldn’t it be great if she became a rock star for that? Can you imagine all the “Owls” she would receive and ones she would inspire others to write?

Ok, my time’s up. Wow. At least I’ve cleared out my brain for a nanosecond. Oh. No. More information coming in so I must now grab pen and paper and continue writing.