I abhor traffic. I don’t understand it. I hate driving in it. I have been known to not just honk my horn angrily many times at the transgressors of what I perceive to be their vehicular crimes, some legally a crime, others, just because they tick me off. I have a place in the city when I need to be there, and it’s a very international city. So I have to share the space with people I feel could use a little time learning more about our city, our culture, and maybe a bit about how to drive properly.

The other thing that bothers me is when someone else needs to move over several lanes to get off the road and almost kills 20 people in trying to do so because he or she has been too busy NOT paying attention. Those transgressions that distract from driving properly run from reading messages on the mobile, talking on the mobile, texting on the mobile…you know, just anything to do with a mobile pretty much distracts from driving. There’s also the primping in the mirror, shaving one’s beard, or reading a map. I could go on, but why? You get the idea, and I’m sure you incurred these transgressions yourself at some point or another.

When you throw bad drivers into the mix, drivers from different countries, drivers who speed or drive too slowly, it only gets worse.

My therapist told me that many of her clients are like me with respect to traffic. We become angry, and red-faced in my case, shouting at someone we don’t know as if they can hear us. She said traffic is karmic. One morning she might be the one who squeezes in near the head of a long line of traffic whereas in the afternoon, someone else does the same to her. Karmic. It can be a bitch sometimes, but as long as we all take our turns, I guess karma can be a good thing when it comes to traffic.

In the meantime, I’ll just refrain from the shouting and honking. I can not guarantee that no curse words will be spoken. I am afraid it’s a requirement for my driving skills. There are certain words that just go oh-too-well with drivers who tick me off.