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Perusing Netflix for an unbearable amount of time, I landed on a documentary called “The Unbelievers”. The following summary is given on IMDB.com:

Renowned scientists Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss cross the globe as they speak publicly about the importance of science and reason in the modern world.

I tucked in to watch. The summary sounded interesting. I believe in science-based, factually-based, proven science. I am not an atheist, however. There is too much religious persecution around the world even today, yet I still am a spiritual person, I still believe in my God, my Higher Power, that something will happen to my energy, my soul if you will, when I pass away.

In the meantime, I don’t push my beliefs on anyone else, no matter how silly they think mine are or how silly I may think theirs are. I don’t think in “better than” thoughts.

I do believe organized religion was man-made, but I do not believe that its origins were. There is a difference.

What I found most disturbing was Richard Dawkins’ statement that he hopes even the label “atheist” will not be used one day because he hopes for a day in our world where everyone will believe as he does, and therefore, the label atheist will no longer be necessary. His mission is to make everyone atheists, to see the world, proven by science and facts granted, as he does.

The disturbing part for me is that I am not “evangelistic” nor am I charismatic in my spiritual beliefs. I do not care what others believe as long as it does not seek to inflict harm on anyone or any creature, as long as it does not seek to oppress anyone or any creature, and as long as it does not seek to commit genocide (extermination of an entire racial, political, or cultural group) or biocide (destruction of any kind of life).

The very things that some, not all, atheists complain about is that others, who are more openly religious about their faith, try to convert them or look down upon them or even condemn them. I am not saying these things don’t happen. They do, and not just to atheists.

I think it quite ironoc that Dawkins and Krauss have become preachers of atheism. They’re patronizing and condescending when in debate with anyone of a religious or spiritual mindset. Why not have civilized, respectful debates?

What would the world be like if we all just “Live and Let Live”? And if they can’t do that, why not “evangelize” atheism (such beautiful humour in those two words side by side) while respecting others’ rights to believe in the God of Crisps, if they so choose?

There MUST be a God of Crisps. I’m convinced.