There are milestones in world history, national history, local history, and our own personal history. The death of Robin Williams is one of my milestones. While I can’t say much here because I believe in confidentiality and hold friendships sacred, his death was a milestone for me personally. Some of the ways in which he, his life, and his death affected me, I refuse to discuss in any public forum, but some are already public and benign enough.

Robin Williams couldn’t get out of himself long enough to see how much he was loved, and even then, had he been able to see it, his depression may have been so strong, that he could see no way out.

I can tell you this. He was a mentor, someone I will always hold with great respect. I hope his children and family are as well as can be expected given they have lost their father, husband, family member, and friend, and in such a tragic way.

If Robin were here to tell us why he killed himself, I’m not sure he would have an answer for us. Many times those who go down that path and follow through with the act of suicide don’t know, in the moment, why they are doing it. They just want to end their own suffering and what they perceive is them being the cause of their loved ones’ suffering, too.

He was brilliant, kind, so very kind, humble, funny, truly gifted in both drama and comedy, and in life, and fought his illness for so long. The grip of depression just held onto him too tightly.

May his soul be resting in peace since his ashes were scattered over the Bay, and may his undeniable spirit live on and be happy, joyous, and free.