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Recently, I viewed “The Rover”, a film with Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson, and it won’t let me go. I had to quit working on my current project just to write about this. "The Rover"

Joel Edgerton and David Michôd are bloody brilliant storytellers. This film, while some may think it slow and gradual, is so worth it. They deserve a BAFTA, an Oscar, and all other awards for screenplay and director. Is there one for storytelling? The actual story itself is, well, glorious. In all its horror – and there is plenty of it – it is glorious.

Guy Pearce who plays “Eric” is fantastic even when he has no dialogue. One look from him conveys a wealth of emotion. I have always admired him and thought him one of the best actors of our time. He deserves a BAFTA, an Oscar, and all other awards for Best Actor.

Before seeing the film, I read that this is Robert Pattinson’s best performance. He plays “Rey”. It isn’t just Pattinson’s best performance, it is one of the best performances on screen I’ve ever witnessed. He, too, deserves a BAFTA, an Oscar, and all other awards for Best Actor or Best Supporting Actor. Rey struggles internally with his emotions, understanding of right and wrong, and others’ loyalty. He is so complex that I will have to view it a few times to understand the character’s complexities along with Pattinson’s perfect portrayal of a fragile human being with no confidence, no self-worth, and no comprehension that he has no confidence and no self-worth."The Rover"

Although it gradually progresses, it astounded and audibly caused me to gasp at such unexpected points in the film right through to the end. I refuse to give spoilers, but the tag line of this film is spot on: “Fear the Man with Nothing Left to Lose”.

I will be pondering this film, this very unexpected, different, surprising story for weeks to come. It is desperate, survivalist, bonding, raw, emotional, and will not let me go.

THAT is what a brilliant film SHOULD do.