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Thrilled with anticipation by the film trailer alone, I could no longer wait to see the upcoming film “Horns”, starring Daniel Radcliffe, in the cinema, and therefore, purchased it. (Some online retailers are beginning to do that, and while I much prefer cinema to television for viewing films, I succumbed to the anticipation.)

There are quite funny moments, dark, funny moments in this film. Funny is borne of darkness. Daniel Radcliffe is fantastic in it as is Joe Anderson. Of course, David Morse is his usual brilliant self.

The film missed the mark for me when failing to find a link back to…something. I kept waiting for a reason for the horns, some connection to the underbelly of the world, that Ig, the main character, was birthed from the devil’s seed.

If a film’s content or imagery or message sticks with me far after I’ve finished viewing it, there’s something significant there that I’ve missed the first time around. For me, it is this: we all have horns, and we all have wings. It’s which ones we choose to use the most that matters.