Sitting down in the luxe leather chair to eat a delicious, hot soup, Wanda’s wide-eyes widened even more. Something flew in front of her eyes, and things in her home didn’t fly unless they were invaders from outdoors.

Flinging her eyeballs in every direction possible, scanning for the enemy, her eyes landed on her cat, her very alert cat. Stretching her eyes to draw an imaginary line from the cat’s eyes to the target of the cat’s eyes, she saw the winged creature climbing up the window behind the blinds, as if it was in some sort of slatted jail.

Shivers ran up and down her body, little bumps sprouting everywhere as if from reptilian or alien life form. Stealthily climbing out of the chair while keeping her eyes glued to the poisonous, beetle-eyed thing, she quickly dialed her boyfriend, whispering in the phone, “Where is the stuff that can kill a wasp?”

After listening intently, she asked him to hold on while she charged into battle. From 10 feet away, Wanda aimed the anti-enemy spray, pressed the button, and shot it clean from the window with a stream of 10-second spray.

She felled the creature and murdered the blinds.

Wanda never found the creature’s carcass. She’s sure it lurks somewhere in the blinds to treat her to torture again someday.