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Last Thursday, I rescued a puppy from the streets. She was about to be run over. I’m currently trying to find a home for her because I simply can not have another animal. I’ve named her Luna so I don’t have to keep calling her “Oy!”

There are so many homeless animals in the world, and while I don’t know if the issue will ever be fully resolved, I harken back to an article I once read about Bob Barker, an American game show host of a program called “The Price is Right”. He ended every show (in later years of the program) with, “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

So please, I urge those of you who have pets to please have them spayed or neutered, and to have them microchipped. It may be a a few pounds, but if you can’t afford to care for an animal in those ways, then perhaps you shouldn’t bother having one at all.

Harsh? Perhaps. But tell that to the animals who are currently starving to death, abandoned, abused, and neglected. They are fragile, much like children, and are deserving of love and proper care.