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This past week, I’ve been involved in what can only be described as some sort of alternate universe, even if only for a week, where women become their most primal selves: shoppers.

I’ve seen women stand in a cue for 30 minutes or more to purchase canvas, monogrammed bags. They purchase these bags to put more stuff in that they may or may not purchase.

I’ve seen women purchase Styrofoam cups with monogrammed initials on them, polka dots, or some other “fun” pattern or scene. They carry the “columns” of cups, 2, 3, 4 columns (usually 25-50 cups in a column or stack), as if they are gold. These are Styrofoam cups. Styrofoam. Cups.

I’ve seen women purchase 20oz. of soda or bottled water for 10 pounds. They do this so they can continue to shop for more stuff.

I’ve seen women shove, push, and hit others on their way up to the front of a company’s store for a sugar cube-sized sample of toffee as if it was the last thing on Earth to eat. You’d think they hadn’t eaten in a year. They must have sustenance before continuing on the journey to acquiring more stuff.

And as they are going about their primal instinct to purchase more stuff, they are rude, impatient, oblivious, and otherwise, don’t care who is in their way to get to more stuff.

I’ve seen many things in my life, but nothing continues to surprise me more than how humans, especially women, treat each other. What happened to “pardon me” and “excuse me”? These two phrases demonstrate courtesy for others. If your bag of stuff hits someone else as you pass them, stop, turn around, and say, “Excuse me”.

Because at the end of the day, there will be more stuff to buy if you really “need” more stuff.