What is it about the soft glow of a Christmas tree that makes me want to travel back in time to the days of actual lumens, not lightbulbs whose output is measured in lumens? I love candlelight and firelight. It’s mysterious, romantic, cozy, calming, soothing. A Christmas tree lit in its glory, whether ornaments are handmade from children or storebought, is a delectable delight. It evokes memories and childhood, with some of its ornaments sparkling, some turning, some reflecting the surroundings of a happy holiday home.

The last few years, we’ve put a small Christmas tree in our bedroom. There is nothing like falling asleep to that same, soft glow of lights and ornaments. It is comfort in a triangularly lit shape. It’s an adult-sized nightlight, which in turn, takes me right back to my childhood.

Therefore, a Christmas tree is not triangular. It is most certainly circular.