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I’ve been reading on Pope Francis the last few days, have watched a few news stories about the state of the Catholic Church and the Vatican.

Those in any religious position who strive for God-like adoration prove over and over how that very thought, and their actions resulting from that omnipotent thinking, merely show just how human, how flawed, and sometimes sick, depraved, and disgusting, they are.

I am no longer certain that Pope John Paul II was the man I perceived him to be. I know Pope Benedict wasn’t, based on his lack of actions as Cardinal when dealing with cases of child sexual abuse by priests. While he was Pope, he also avoided reality of the abuse along with the very apparent history of abuse of power and widespread corruption at the Vatican. And now researching Pope Francis, I’m no longer hopeful that children will ever be safe from religious predators, pedophiles in the Catholic Church.

If this were a for-profit or even non-profit company, heads would roll, and the Vatican’s employee count would significantly drop.

Instead, it is one, big American fraternity, with all the Pope’s men wearing vestments, playing dressup on Sundays but living hedonistic, criminal, despicable lives Mondays through Saturdays.

I had hope with Pope Francis, hope that is now wafer thin.