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Lately, I’ve ruminated on how quietly discontented with life we as humans are on most days.

There are comparisons to others’ achievements, wealth, material possessions, adventures, talents, experiences.

There is constant regret and guilt, social media partially to blame. I admit to being sucked into the dark, dark abyss of Facebook, perusing photos of people I used to know, seeing how “wonderful” their lives are which can, if not careful, minimalize my great accomplishments.

I’m not a braggart, so my accomplishments will never be known here or on other social media platforms simply because I choose to be anonymous in the social media world. It’s more freeing, without repercussion or consequence, and I get to be me: a human, not known on the “interwebs” for anything happening in my professional or personal life. It is not cowardice but freedom of expression and judgment that would otherwise be imposed upon me and these very words I write right now, past posts, and future ones. Nor do I want to unduly influence anyone else’s expression.

I see so many people, young, older, beautiful, average, married, single, who must look perfect, thin, and manicured in every photo, or they are not good enough.

They must get the perfect angle for each selfie. I wager there are far more digitally trashed selfies than those that ever make it to the social media platforms because every.single.photo is scrutinized meticulously.

What are we doing to ourselves? And why? I enjoy this blog, mostly reading a select few others’ blogs, and Twitter, posting every now and then but mostly reading others’ tweets.

And I’m sure I’ve written about this before, but it seems the more connected we are digitally, the more disconnected we are as the human race.