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I’ve no doubt that something has triggered this topic for me, and I believe it might be a music video I watched the other day. It’s a Maroon 5 song called “She Will Be Loved”. It’s a beautifully sad song. I still prefer to, much like reading books versus their celluloid counterparts, leave the meaning behind the lyrics up to my imagination instead of video imagery. I digress.

I recall an interview Taylor gave once talking about his fans, especially his female fans. Apparently, they go mad-crazy for him, even ones who are old enough to be his mother. He spoke about how they tried to reach him, grabbing at him and his clothing. It’s intense and scary and more than invasive when strangers grope your body, being treated like an object. Taylor, in all of his grace, said that those fans, the older ones especially, are very “passionate”. More like CR.A.ZY.

I know attraction is based on so many factors, and I wonder how the older woman/younger man situation is ever sustainable. I know as I write this there are probably 10 relationships like thi21-Famous-Women-Who-Hit-Off-Younger-Mens to every one that I can probably name.

And what is the “cut off” of a gap? Is it two, five, nine? And why is the reverse – older man/younger woman – so socially acceptable? In my extreme lack of research and therefore, pure guess, the older man/younger woman situations are far more sustainable.

I’m sure it all has to do with the maturity of the male versus female. For myself, I am silly, love to have fun, and can be extremely serious given my true introvert-ish-ness. (It’s a word…in my world…don’t judge.) With the right chemistryanna nicole smith and commitment, no matter what that looks like (it’s different for everyone), the relationship, no matter the age of those in the relationship, really doesn’t matter.

Unless it’s an inappropriate and illegal age. Subway sandwich anyone? (The answer should most definitely be, “NO.”)