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I’ve realized while binge-watching this season’s “Jane the Virgin” how much I love Gina Rodriguez who plays the lead character “Jane”. Her facial expressions alone from her mouth to her eyes, her nose, her eyebrows, she displays such great expressionism. Sometimes her expressions crumple into a teary mess of liquid, her mouth downturning.

No matter. She’s absolutely beautiful and funny and just all-around fantastic in this role.

So with this season, I thought, “did she gain weight?” because something looked a little different about her. I couldn’t put my finger on it. And then, instinctively, I was going to Google that very topic, but I stopped. Is that REALLY important? I admire this woman, the character she’s playing and how she’s playing her. She’s made me care about Jane, a fictional being on the small screen, along with all of the other cast of characters. Maybe it’s my eyes. Yes, my eyes need checking. And even if it’s not, even if she gained 10 pounds, 20, 30….does it matter? And my answer is absolutely not. It wouldn’t change how I feel about the character or about Gina Rodriguez herself. And I started to take a look at the diversity of the show. It’s pretty good. But when I look at the women on the show, they are all of various shapes, sizes, heights, weights, short-waisted, low-waisted, long-legged, short-legged, and so on.

It just proves my point that every human being…or in this case, the ones playing those characters…have intrinsic value and those same human beings have flaws, too. But the physical flaws…they’re only flaws if we choose to see them that way.

I refuse to play a part in that societal norm of what is normal looking.

So no Googling anyone’s weight anymore. It would be wasted effort on my part because it adds no value about the people playing those characters or the characters themselves.


And Michael? What the you-know-what were the writers thinking? And I’m the writers’ biggest fan. But on that night, I wanted to make the writers rewrite the episode, on a chalkboard, 100 times until they learned their lesson to never write a show like that again.

I’ve seen it twice, and cried both times. Stupid writers. *huffs off, stomping all the way, head down, arms crossed tightly around body*