I have a serious girl crush on Kristen Stewart. Although I love Emma Watson and everything about her, it’s Kristen’s tomboyishness and shyness that I relate to the most. Outwardly, I’ve adapted and seem more outgoing or “bubbly”, but in reality, I cringe inwardly and exhaust myself at all the effort it takes for me to “be” that public person. It’s a difficult conundrum. On one hand, I have to be that public persona, and on the other, I just want to hang with my friends and family and not really interact much with people who think they know me.

Although she’s a beautiful girl, I like the moments where she’s most herself far more than when she’s had a stylist dress her. That’s why I posted this picture of her. I’m not sure of its date, but it’s a prime example of what I hope she’s mostly like: herself, comfortable, and not wanting to really interact with people who don’t know her but think they do.

If even half of what any media outlet or form of media writes or says about her is true regarding her quirkiness, nervous movements, and reluctance to be in the spotlight, I love the fact that she’s real.

I know, you may disagree with me, but I admire her because she tries to reconcile who she really is, who she thinks others think she should be, and the image she’s supposed to project.

It’s one hellish way to live no matter how much money is in the bank.